Wednesday, August 7, 2019

3 Proven Ways to Hack Joint Pain Naturally

1. Fasting

Fasting has a long history, as people have used this method for ages to purify their body and mind. It is one of the most powerful ways to facilitate the body's self-healing ability. During a fast you do not overburden your body with any foods (and with even more toxins), so the energy, which is usually used for digestion, can be redirected to immune function, cell growth, and eliminatory processes. While your digestive system is having a rest, your body can deal with other tasks: it can purge itself from toxins as well as metabolic debris and heal any parts of it that are ill. 

The abstinence from food has been found very effective for treating obesity, lupus,  eczema, allergies, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout

But please note: before you start fasting, always consult your doctor or health care professional! Children and people with certain medical conditions should not fast at all (such as pregnant or nursing women, people with kidney or liver problems, etc.)

2. Swimming

Swimming is a wonderful low-impact sport offering numerous health benefits for people with osteoarthritis. It promotes cardiovascular endurance, works all your muscle groups, and stretches your body without putting pressure on your joints. 

Furthermore, it even relieves joint pain and feeds your cartilage! As a matter of fact, swimming increases the amount of synovial fluid in your joints. Apart from providing the necessary lubrication, it is also the synovial fluid's task to remove waste and carry nutrients to the articular cartilage. 

During joint movement, the cartilage acts like a sponge: when stress is applied to the joint, the synovial fluid is squeezed out of the cartilage oozing out some of its fluid containing wastes. When the pressure is released, the joint soaks up fresh synovial fluid full of nutrients. Therefore, swimming is especially beneficial for OA patients, since it nourishes their cartilages.

3. Hack your mind!

The new science of epigenetics has shown that your health is in fact controlled by how your mind perceives and interprets your environment. A new attitude, positive or negative, sends new messages to the cells in your body and can actually reprogram their health and behavior. Your mind is even able to change cellular structure, turning diseased cells into healthy cells or vice versa. This new science acknowledges that mind and spirit play an essential role in shaping an individual's health.

Interestingly, it is your subconscious mind which has immense power in controlling your life experiences including your health. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, former professor of medicine at Stanford University, your subconscious is "a million times more powerful than the conscious mind”, which means that if you want to influence your health in a positive way, you need to reprogram your subconscious mind.

You can start reprogramming your mind right away with this fascinating pain relief technique:

Take a pen and a sheet of paper, and answer the following questions: 

1. Imagine your pain. How big is it? How much does it weigh? 
2. Imagine that you try to put your pain into a  container. What is the size and shape of this container? 
3. What is the colour of your pain?  
4. What does it smell like? 
5. What does your pain taste like?  
6. What does its texture resemble? 

After answering all the above questions, start it all over again. You will notice that your answers will be slightly different every time you start a new round. Go through the questions as many times until your pain has subsided then fully disappeared.


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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

People Suffering from Osteoarthritis Must Get Rid of This Thing in the Kitchen!

The title of this article is not accurate. According to Dr. Max Stanley Chartrand, professor of behavioral medicine, EVERYONE should get rid of this thing in the kitchen! Dr. Chartrand claims that using microwave ovens for cooking or warming food has severe detrimental effects on our health.

Health Consequences of Microwaving

Microwaving reportedly destroys amino acids and covalent bonds of DNA in food. As a result, apart from some Salmonella and E-Coli bacteria, nothing live survives microwaving. This causes the immune system to produce pro-inflammatory cytokines that bring inflammation and the conditions that arise from inflammation and acidosis. As a matter of fact, 80% of all chronic diseases are believed to result from inflammation! 

As the violent “microwave effect” on the DNA can make food “foreign” to the human digestive and immunological system, digestion takes much longer and allergies increase, in general. The exploding rates of metabolic and digestive disorders seen in microwave consumers suggest that the human body knows the difference between microwaved food and that prepared by other means.

Another shocking example of the horrible effects of microwaves is that meat cooked in the microwave oven goes into a kind of "rotting" process through the destruction of nucleoproteins. This, in turn, causes meat proteins to breakdown into cytotoxins and uric acid, which may set off even more chronic disease in the body. 

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Microwaving

Dr. Max Stanley Chartrand: 
”I supervise a wellness research project and we have noted that adult stem cell production plummets and DNA telomeres degrade (bringing premature aging) for those who microwave their food. When they stop microwaving, their telomeres immediately start increasing in base pairs and they begin growing back degenerated discs and connective tissue in the joints. We noticed this as far back as 20 years ago and added officially to our program about 8 years later. You want to repair your body and live longer? Don't microwave. The difference is astounding.
One may not notice the difference (floor effects and incremental changes come over significant passage of time) but I can assure anyone who has neuropathy, degenerated discs and joint cartilage, osteoarthritis, osteopenia, acid reflux, pancreatitis, diabetes, and other chronic conditions that get worse with age and over time that they will not get well until they stop microwaving, even for warming their food, and go to a more organic diet (all other factors equal, such as no alcohol. caffeine, and GMO high fructose corn syrup, etc.) and they will be younger, healthier, and live longer.”


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Moose Bone Reveals the Hidden Causes of Arthritis

In order to find the real causes of arthritis, researchers examined the bones of Isle Royale moose among which this joint disease is surprisingly common.

The metatarsus - this approximately 13-inch-long rearfoot bone - is one of the most informative body parts of a moose as it reveals how much the animal grew as a fetus and during its first year of life.  As a rule, the better nourished a young moose is, the longer the metatarsus is.

What researchers have learned is that moose with the shortest metatarsi had twice the odds of dying with arthritis than the largest moose. Moreover, moose born in the same year were observed to have a similar predisposition to developing arthritis later in life.  For example, the moose born between 1969 and 1971 experienced severe winters and much competition for food. Eighty percent of them developed arthritis as they reached old age, a decade later. Conversely, only twenty percent of the moose born between 1949 and 1952 ever developed arthritis. Interestingly, winters were reported to be especially mild in those years.  

These facts make us conclude that there is an obvious link between poor diet and arthritis. It may also explain the reason why arthritis became more prevalent in native Americans right after they started to rely more on corn and agriculture and less on hunting and gathering. Their diet became far less nourishing which later took its toll on their body in the form of arthritis.


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Sunday, August 4, 2019

5 ”Health Foods” That Make Osteoarthritis Worse

If you’re suffering from osteoarthritis, take a hard look at what you’re eating. You may not realize it, but foods can affect your arthritis pain and symptoms. Chronic inflammation contributes to sore joints — the kind that is associated with many forms of arthritis, including the osteo and rheumatoid types. Avoiding certain foods is crucial as inflammation is often made worse because of a person’s diet.

It is a well-known fact that if you want to be healthy, you shouldn’t consume sugar, alcohol, and processed foods. However, only a few people are aware of the fact that many popular ”health foods” are really junk foods in disguise that can even make your osteoarthritis worse!


Butter has been a staple food for people around the globe for centuries. However, when it started to be demonized by health experts due to its high-fat content, margarine was promoted to be a healthier substitute. The truth of the matter is that whereas raw butter from grass-fed cows is a rich source of vitamin A, D, E and K2, manganese, chromium, zinc, copper, and selenium, margarine has NO health value! It is a chemically processed, hydrogenated oil which lacks essential nutrients and is proved to be high in extremely damaging trans fats which can aggravate inflammation in the joints and cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

No wonder a study showed that people replacing butter with margarine are in fact more likely to die from heart disease. Better than butter? Forget this bullsh*t!


Apart from disrupting the body’s thyroid and endocrine function, screwing with your sex hormones, and blocking the absorption in the gut of key minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium, soy is a harmful inflammation-triggering irritant!

This popular ”health-food” damages the lining of the digestive tract which causes "leaky gut syndrome" where the damage to the gut allows larger proteins to enter the bloodstream. As soon as the body launches immune responses to rid itself of the foreign matter, these immune responses often lead to inflammation and joint pain.

Not surprisingly, leaky gut is a problem commonly seen both in OA and RA patients.

Brown rice

Because it has not had its bran and germ stripped away during processing, brown rice is said to be more nutritional than white rice. However, unlike white rice, brown rice contains phytates. Phytic-acid is a so-called anti-nutrient which binds to minerals to make them unavailable to the body. The main minerals phytates target include calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc. A diet high in phytate-rich grains will result in mineral deficiencies, osteoporosis, tooth decay, and osteoarthritis.

Whole grains

It is a common misconception that swapping white flour for whole-wheat in your recipes will increase your nutrient intake. In reality, whole grains are also rich in phytates and therefore ‘steal’ nutrients from our bodies. Cartilage in osteoarthritis lacks essential minerals, so it is not advisable to deplete the body's nutrient reserves even more rapidly with consuming whole grains.

Sugar-free foods

Never trust a processed product with a “sugar-free” label! Most of them contain artificial sweeteners that are much worse than sugar. The biggest troublemaker of all is Aspartame, which can be found in thousands of different food and drink products. The book "Prescription for Nutritional Healing," by James and Phyllis Balch, lists aspartame under the category of "chemical poison". It is said to cause migraines, nausea, weight gain, fatigue, irritability, vision problems, heart palpitations, memory loss, and joint pain.

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3 Common Myths About Osteoarthritis

Myth No. 1 - Cartilage Cannot Heal Itself!

This is the cruel ”truth” everyone with osteoarthritis has to face at the doctor’s office. But how about the astonishing fact that damaged tissues can be fixed by our own body naturally?

When you accidentally cut your hands, new cells multiply in order to develop a bridge between the cut. A protective scab attaches to the wound and falls off when it is no more required. Bones also have the natural ability to heal themselves. When a bone is fractured, an area of soft healing tissue forms to join the broken parts together which gets harder and stronger over the following weeks.

Since it is an undeniable fact that the human body was designed to heal itself, it is indeed strange to assert that cartilage, once worn down, cannot regenerate itself. So what’s wrong with cartilage?!

Generally, efficient blood circulation is essential in tissue repair. The more blood flow you have going to an area, the faster it can heal. Cartilage is unique in a sense that unlike other connective tissues it has no blood supply which explains why it heals slowly. But it doesn't mean it can't heal at all!

During joint movement, the synovial fluid carries nutrients to the articular cartilage providing important building blocks for regeneration. As a matter of fact, spontaneous healing of damaged cartilage is impossible if your body lacks certain nutrients and if it is laden with toxins. But when personal lifestyle and health choices are favorable to the body’s natural processes (diet, hydration, exercise, toxins, overuse, etc. are addressed) cartilage is able to both regenerate and repair spontaneously.

    Myth No. 2 - NSAIDs Are Safe

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly used to treat arthritis due to their pain-relief and anti-inflammatory properties. Some of the best-known NSAIDs include Aspirin, Cataflam, Ibuprofen, and Voltaren. Unfortunately, NSAIDs do not only reduce inflammation, but also cause kidney dysfunction, stomach upset, and serious gastric bleeding, not to mention other known adverse effects like liver damage and cardiovascular problems.

According to researchers ”16,500 NSAID-related deaths occur among patients with rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis every year in the United States. […] If deaths from gastrointestinal toxic effects from NSAIDs were tabulated separately in the National Vital Statistics reports, these effects would constitute the 15th most common cause of death in the United States. Yet these toxic effects remain mainly a "silent epidemic," with many physicians and most patients unaware of the magnitude of the problem. Furthermore, the mortality statistics do not include deaths ascribed to the use of over-the-counter NSAIDS." (Wolfe M. MD. et al. Gastrointestinal Toxicity of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs, The New England Journal of Medicine)

These numbers may sound too bad to be true. In fact, it was a popular NSAID which got involved in the biggest drug scandal of recent years. Vioxx was introduced by Merck in 1999 as an effective, safer alternative to drugs for treating osteoarthritis pain. Before Merck withdrew it in 2004, Vioxx was linked to numerous heart attacks. Researchers have alleged that Merck knew of the dangers years earlier, but tweaked statistics and hid data. This NSAID alone has been estimated to kill some 60,000 patients--as many people as died in the Vietnam War!

Myth No. 3. - Chondroitin and Glucosamine Are Effective Against Osteoarthritis

Glucosamine and chondroitin are among the most popular diet supplements: millions of people around the world take them to combat osteoarthritis. Glucosamine is a compound found naturally in the body, which is used as the starting material for tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and other body tissues. Chondroitin helps keep cartilage healthy by absorbing water into the connective tissue.

Though the combination of glucosamine and chondroitin has been believed to be the best supplement for treating joint pain, according to Swiss researchers at the University of Bern it neither reduces joint pain nor has an effect on joint space narrowing.

Nevertheless, whole collagen capsules made from chicken cartilage are said to be more efficient (and much cheaper) than glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. Eating foods like bone marrow, gristle, and broths containing boiled bone and connective parts may also help cartilage repair significantly.

Interestingly, another study reported that whole eggshell membranes also outperformed glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. 500 mg of natural eggshell membrane taken once daily could reduce pain significantly. After 30 days, patients had an astonishing 72% reduction in general pain, a 43% increase in flexibility and a 75% reduction in pain associated with range of motion!

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