Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Meet the Lady Who Cured Her Osteoarthritis After 43 Years

Margie Garrison
In 1979, the 54-year-old Margie Garrison was at her wits end. It is no wonder, since she took up to 12 Avocets and 26 Aspirin daily to keep her unbearable pain under control. She had been suffering from osteoarthritis for 43 years, and after so many useless medical tortures recommended by arthritis specialists, she had no hope for getting cured by conventional means. The turning point of her life was in July 1979, when she decided to take control of her health. She found a book, Triumph Over Disease Through Fasting by Jack Goldstein, M.D., which changed her life completely. Ms Garrison got in touch with the author, and was shocked to learn from him that arthritis was “the easiest disease to cure”

Following Dr. Goldstein's advice, Ms. Garrison went to the Pawlings Health Manor to fast. She stayed there for one week and drank only water. During the 7-day-long fasting, her body's detoxification process was activated and for the first time after 43 years of suffering she could experience major pain relief without taking any painkillers. Fasting made Mrs. Garrison instantly realize that it was the improper diet which made her joints ache. 

Her fasting experience motivated her to make a huge shift in her lifestyle: she stopped eating white flour and sugar, she avoided most cooked foods, and she also said no to caffeine. Besides avoiding certain “problem” foods, she incorporated plenty of raw fruits and vegetables into her new diet, and drank lots of pure water daily. The result surprised even her physicians: due to her new diet she was able to cure her arthritis, and have a happy, pain free life. This amazing victory over osteoarthritis inspired Ms Garrison to share her experiences with other OA patients in her book titled I Cured My Arthritis You Can Too. 

Why is fasting so effective?

There are numerous types of fasting, but perhaps the most powerful (and also the most difficult) is water fasting, where you abstain from food and drink only pure water. What makes fasting among health-conscious people more and more popular is that it is said to be the best detoxifying method.

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Fasting can be a real gift to everyone, since it accelerates elimination from the liver, kidneys, lungs, bloodstream and skin. If you abstain from food, the energy which is usually used for digestion can be redirected to immune function, cell growth, and eliminatory processes. While your digestive system is having a rest, your body can deal with other tasks: it can purge itself from toxins as well as metabolic debris and heal any parts of it that are ill.   

The abstinence from food has been found very effective for treating

  • eczema
  • allergies
  • asthma
  • osteoarthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • gout
Fasting is a powerful, ancient healing practice with fantastic health benefits. Though fasting requires determination and commitment, if you do it properly, you can expect amazing results.
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(Please note that before you start fasting, always consult your doctor or health care professional!) 

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